Pry-Stop End Bolts Defend Against Attack

Superior to other bolt designs which allow the locking bolt support bar to bend. Pry-Stop Corner End Bolts are over 2 1⁄2 times longer and attach to a high-strength steel angle iron which prevents the locking bolt support bar from bending in a pry attack. This is a significant advantage to overall safe reinforcement. The bolts are the top and bottom locking bolts on the door side -- each securing the critical door corners.

Gun safe door corners remain a dangerous area for attack that other brands ignore or address inadequately. Burglars attempt to attack with a sledge hammer on the edge of the safe or by prying between the door and door frame. With Pry-Stop End Bolts you have the extra confidence that in the unlikely event of an attack by a determined burglar that the Browning Pry-Stop corner bolt system can be a significant deterrent -- assuring that the burglar makes little or no progress at all. And that is worth a great deal to you in real security and peace of mind.