Safes are designed to be heavy so they can successfully protect the belongings–such as jewelry, important documents, or even guns–that you have placed inside from fires and/or unauthorized, such as from a burglar or a younger family member.

Similar to how ordinary locksmiths cannot pick a safe, ordinary movers and locksmiths can’t move a safe either. Moving safes requires a certain level expertise and the right equipment, so whether you are a homeowner moving to a new home, a small business owner moving to a new workplace, or if you simply want to change the location of your safe and place it in a different area of your current property, our expert Houston safe technicians can do it for you. Our Houston home safe technicians utilize the highest-grade safe moving equipment to make certain your safe is transported securely, so as not to compromise its integrity. By relying on our licensed, bonded, insured, and background-checked Houston safe technicians, you will also ensure your residential or commercial safe remains damage-free so you can continue to effectively protect your valuable items. 

Don’t Move Your Own Safe

As strong as you and your strongest friends may be, safe moving is not to be taken lightly. Without proper training, several years of safe moving experience, or professional equipment, you are at high risk of injury. Rather than putting yourself and your friends at risk, resulting in the need to pause your home life and work life, A2Z Locksmith’s expert Houston safe moving technicians can take care of it for you in little time so you can focus on keeping your belongings safe and living your life without worrying about an inadequate safe.

Types Of Safes Our Houston Safe Technicians Can Move

Small or large, our safe moving technicians can transport and install several kinds of safes, including:

  • Smaller home safes, which protect items such as passports, jewelry, hard drives, and cameras
  • Gun safes, which can protect your family from small or large guns ending up in the wrong hands, simultaneously protecting the weapon from damage
  • Fireproof safes
  • Commercial safes for larger companies, local stores, or small offices
  • B-rated and TL-rated safes, which provide impressive anti-burglary protection no matter where you choose to install it