A reliable master key system is a great way to promote security, but some companies prefer to opt for high-security solutions. Regardless of the size of your company, if you want to install high-level security, we offer the solutions you need.

Restriction Locks and Keys

Restriction locks and keys are an affordable way to restrict access to certain areas of your commercial property. Restriction keys and locks are part of a greater key restriction system that requires both a specialized lock and a specialized key. With a restriction lock and key, you authorize special access to only a few employees while the rest of your employees have general access to unrestricted areas.

What exactly makes key restriction a viable alternative to your current keys? If you use regular keys from big box stores, for example, think about how many other companies do the same and how much easier it is for someone to plan a break-in. Restriction locks and keys are protected and patented by manufacturers who then give our Houston commercial locksmith a license to distribute and install these systems. Because they are patented and protected, they are unique to your business and only those you authorize can gain access.

Door Reinforcements

Door reinforcements are installed to reinforce your door with added strength and security to prevent a burglary. The more entryways you have, the more reinforcements you should consider. Keep in mind that residential doors and commercial doors require different types of locks with different materials and strengths. We offer specialized commercial door reinforcement locks, plates, and pins that successfully add a barrier of security between your commercial property and unauthorized visitors. The good news is that commercial grade door reinforcements are affordable and easily installed by our licensed Houston locksmith. 

In some cases, when you only need a door reinforcement lock, we simply need to replace the cylinder in which the keyhole sits, as opposed to the entire lock. By switching to a high security commercial door reinforcement lock, the keys cannot be duplicated at the big box stores, which means additional security on your commercial property.  

Regardless of which method of commercial door reinforcement you choose to install, all of our options withstand several hundred pounds of force and are tamper resistant, meaning that no one is getting access if they aren’t already authorized to do so, even if they are well-trained in breaking and entering.