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Emergencies happen, and they can happen quite often, but our licensed, bonded, and insured Houston residential locksmith is available seven days a week to help you when you need us most. We encourage you to call us for emergency locksmith services 7 days a week. Our response time is between 25 to 45 minutes so we won’t keep you waiting too long. 

Our residential locksmith takes theft and break-ins as seriously as if they were to take place in our own home or vehicle, so rest assured that we are here to help you get through your own trying experiences. Our licensed and qualified technicians can replace lost or stolen keys for all homes and automobiles as well as retrieve your keys and help you regain your rightful access.

When You Might Need An Emergency Locksmith

There are multiple instances in which you might wind up in an emergency situation that will require a locksmith’s assistance, such as:

  • Broken or jammed key
    • Keys deteriorate over time and so do locks. Sometimes the key may break in the lock cylinder or it could get stuck, resulting in getting locked out. Rather than trying to get in and risking more damage, it’s best to rely on a well-trained locksmith like ours at A2Z.
  • Locked out of your car
    • Sometimes, our car keys may get locked inside of our vehicles or we may have lost our car keys while running an errand. Although frustrating, this can be resolved quickly with our emergency locksmith services.
  • Locked out of your home
    • Although getting your key jammed in your front door’s lock is the most common way homeowners get locked out of their homes, sometimes you misplace your key and can’t get back inside. When you’re rushing to get home after a long day or rushing to get the kids to school or yourself to work and are unable to properly lock up, this can be a stressful experience.

Regardless of what emergency you experience, our licensed and qualified technicians can take care of the problem at hand and help you get back to your day-to-day life in a safe and timely manner.