Have you ever forgotten the combination to your safe and wish you would have written it down somewhere? You’re not alone. Parents have to keep track of their passwords and even their kids’ passwords. With so many passwords in their mind, along with all of the other countless things they have to keep in mind, it’s no wonder safe combinations can be easily forgotten. 

Perhaps you know you’re using the correct passcode or combination, but your safe seems like it’s stuck and won’t budge no matter what you try. If you are experiencing this problem, our safe technicians can help. In addition to locksmithing, we staff certified safe technicians who have the very unique, specific skill set necessary to help unlock your safe when you need to access it. 

Regardless if you forgot your combination or if your safe is stuck, our Houston safe technicians offer safe repair and penetration services that will help you regain access to your valuables in a timely manner. 

Houston Residential Safe Repair Services

If your safe’s lock isn’t working properly, the door has been damaged by an attempted break-in, or if your hinges need servicing, our Houston residential safe technicians are prepared to help. Safe repair requires a different skill set than our other locksmithing services. Not all locksmiths can service safes, but we staff licensed, bonded, and insured safe technicians with decades of experience in repairing all kinds of safes so you can rest assured that you will regain access to your valuables and be able to protect them again in no time.

Houston Home Safe Penetration

Safe penetration, sometimes referred to as “safe cracking”, is a method of safe repair that we offer when you can’t get into your safe. There are several different ways to crack a safe, and each type of safe requires different methodologies, but we most commonly penetrate a safe with a specialized drill technique.

Many safe manufacturers design diagrams that, when followed by a trained safe technician, will penetrate the safe while minimizing damage. However, manufacturers are very careful in protecting the diagrams so that they don’t end up in the wrong hands, but because our company and our individual Houston residential safe technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured with the state, manufacturers are willing to give us this sensitive information if we need it. If you need to get into your residential safe, our residential safe technicians have you covered.