It can be easy to lose track of all of your keys when all you want to focus on is your job and your business’s profitability. Our Houston commercial locksmith offers master key systems that simplify key management, as well as rekeying and customized access controls to maximize security and ensure only those who are granted permission have access to the different parts of your building.

Regardless of how many doors your commercial property has or how many employees require access, our commercial locksmith can enhance their security with our superior key management solutions. A2Z Locksmith is here to help you feel confident in your ability to protect the security of your workplace.

Master Key System

Introducing a master key system is by far the best way to increase the security of your commercial property as it allows you to restrict access across certain areas on your property to a small group or to specific individuals. 

We offer:

  • Grand master keys, which control all locks in the building
  • Sub-master keys, which are given to the few who can access their designated zones
  • Maintenance keys for specific areas that require access at specific times of day

In the event that you lose your master key, don’t fret! Our state licensed, bonded, and insured company will keep a copy so you can quickly and safely regain access.


Rekeying a lock refers to replacing old lock pins with new lock pins, which may be necessary if you would like to build a new master key system, if your keys have been compromised because they’ve been lost or stolen, or if the current lock pins have worn to a point where the key won’t work properly or the lock itself no longer protects your property enough. 

Our expert Houston locksmith rekeying services include:

  • Residential and Commerical Key Duplication
  • Auto/Car Key Duplication

Access Control

Implementing or improving current employee access control around your commercial property is easy and secure when you have A2Z Locksmith on your side. Not only do our access controls cut the costs of key cutting, but they also eliminate the security threats that come with lost or misplaced keys. That’s one less worry for your company, less time spent trying to regain access, and more time to focus on productivity and performance.

Our access control solutions include:

  • Maglocks (Magnetic locks)
  • Remote entry
  • Keypads
  • Access cards