The safety and security of your Houston commercial property begins with substantial exterior security. By keeping the outside of your workplace safe, the inside becomes safer, too. To reinforce your building’s exterior, our Houston locksmith recommends installing emergency exits, security alarms, and getting some much-needed storefront door repairs.

Storefront Door Repairs

Many shop owners wait until after a break-in has occurred to reinforce their Houston storefront door, but the best thing you can do to protect the exterior of your business and the day-to-day operations required to make a profit is by taking preventative measures and getting storefront door repairs now. 

Our Houston locksmith can replace your storefront door if it provides insufficient security. Alternatively, we may perform lock repairs or replacements by changing the existing lock pins or installing a more effective and protective locking system, such as a padlock or deadbolt.

Emergency Exits

Commercial building emergency exits in Houston should serve two purposes. The obvious purpose of a commercial emergency exit is to provide a quick, safe way out of the building in the event of an emergency. Its other, less thought-of purpose is to reduce the number of entryways for outsiders to access. Think about it, an experienced burglar will go to the least guarded door–the emergency exit. 

Our Houston locksmith recommends taking security measures that block out perpetrators while simultaneously allowing your employees to exit with ease, such as a panic lock. Panic locks are very similar to standard commercial exit locks in that they are both a type of bar that is placed horizontally across an emergency exit. However, a panic lock makes exiting quicker and easier, protecting more team members at once.

Exit Alarms

Just as important as it is to ensure emergency exits are accessible from the inside, it’s also equally important to prevent unauthorized use of your commercial emergency exits. Our Houston locksmith installs exit alarms that are attached to emergency exits and are triggered upon unauthorized use, meaning when someone without the key tried utilizing the emergency exit. In the event that you are faced with an emergency, the alarm can quickly be bypassed by unlocking the system with a unique key.

Door Closers

A door closer is installed above the door (typically a fire door or emergency exit) and ensures it properly and securely closes each time someone exits. This ensures it automatically locks each time it’s closed, which reinforces the door so sly criminals can’t enter easily. 

Lock Installation

The most basic level of security you can install in your Houston commercial property is that of brand new, sturdy locks. There are several kinds of locks our Houston locksmith makes available to commercial property owners, each with different levels of security. When our licensed, bonded, and insured locksmiths install commercial-grade locks throughout your property, you can work with ease and comfort knowing that your office, warehouse, or shop is guarded.