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Rekeying your home’s locks is a fantastic way to reinforce the security you as a homeowner work hard to maintain. Our locksmiths are ready to reinforce the security of your doors so your family can rest assured that when your doors are locked, you are safe to live and laugh as you please without a worry in your mind. Our expert Houston locksmith rekeying services include:

  • Residential and Commerical Key Duplication
  • Auto/Car Key Duplication

When Is Rekeying Necessary?

If your keys have been lost or stolen, it is imperative that you rekey your locks so as to prevent anyone who may find your keys from gaining unauthorized access to your home and the life you have made for yourself within it. Rekeying is also an option when the current lock pins have worn, as worn lock pins mean the lock and corresponding key aren’t as effective at protecting your personal property.

Rekeying becomes necessary if you want to introduce a master key system for your home, which may be an option if a lot of people move in and out of your property. For example, some homeowners hire house cleaners to clean up their home every so often or pool cleaners to take care of the pool. A master key system would give you access to all parts of your home with one key, but you can give a different key to your cleaning staff and pool maintenance crew, which will only give them access to the specific areas they work in instead of the entirety of the house. The same logic can be applied if you rent out a room or your whole home to travelers for short periods of time. 

How Does Rekeying Work?

To rekey your home’s locks, we will simply remove the pins and replace them with brand new pins that will match a brand new key. Not only does this fix a worn lock, but it also keeps your home safe for you and your family. In rekeying your locks, our licensed, bonded, and insured Houston residential locksmiths take the time to check your lock’s overall integrity. This might include lubricating your locks so they are no longer tough to use and operate more smoothly for the new key. We want to give you as much peace of mind in your security as possible.