At A2Z Locksmith, we offer different types of safes that meet our customers’ different needs. Houston safe installation and Houston lock installation require different skill sets, so you can rely on our certified, licensed, bonded, and insured safe technicians to correctly and professionally install your safe. With nearly twenty years of experience, our installation will make you feel secured when storing your belongings. The types of safes we install include:

Gun Safe

If you keep firearms and ammunition in your home, then gun safe installation is a must. By investing in a high-quality gun safe, you are doing your part in preventing dangerous and unauthorized access to burglars as well as to other family members who may not know how to use a gun. To keep your weapons safe from damage and your family safe from harm, our Houston gun safe technicians distribute and install exemplary quality gun safes for the home.

Fire/Burglary Safe

Fire is a serious cause for concern for many homeowners and companies because fire can easily damage–or even completely destroy–sensitive and important documents or assets. At A2Z Locksmith in Houston, we distribute and install safes with varying levels of fire protection for items such as jewelry, cash, etc.

Much like fireproof safes, burglary safes have varying degrees of protection, but they should also be bolted down so they aren’t easily moved without the proper equipment. To enhance the confidence you have in your safe’s ability to protect your valuables, we even install fireproof burglary safes.

Home Safe

Some homeowners don’t need a gun safe and instead prefer to invest in a residential home safe that may be used for general purposes. The home safes we offer are great for storing several items such as passports, birth certificates, watches, and more and may even be designed to blend in with the rest of your home.

Office Safe

Corporate offices have plenty of important documents that, if left to lie around, may end up in the wrong hands. To protect your office’s confidential information, we offer commercial-grade corporate safes in varying sizes that enable you to keep your information safe so you can focus on the job at hand.

B-Rated Safe

Investing in a B-rated safe means your belongings will be protected from amateur burglars who lack the proper equipment to break into it. B-rated safes feature a steel door up to 1 inch in thickness and a wall up to ½ inch thick. This added steel and enhanced locking/relocking systems keep smaller valuables well protected.

TL-Rated Safe

TL-rated refers to a safe that is identified by this safety rating system. TL ratings indicate how resistant a safe is to criminal attempts at gaining access to the safe in terms of time. This rating system also takes into account the various tools that may be used. Higher TL ratings suggest that a safe requires more time and more sophisticated equipment.

Types of TL-Rated safes:

  • A TL-15 safe is designed to withstand a 15 minute-long attempt with commonly used tools before it can become damaged and compromised.
  • A TL-30 safe is designed to last through 30 minutes of damage attempts with sophisticated tools before it finally becomes compromised.