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In order for your family to feel safe and secure in your home, you need high-quality locks that are built to last and deter unwanted guests. Houston lock installation by our certified, bonded, and insured residential locksmiths are a great long term solution that will reinforce your home’s current level of security and encourage you and your family to feel at ease.

Houston Residential Keypad Installation

Keypads are growing in popularity among Houston homeowners. Rather than utilizing a typical key, this type of lock instead utilizes a code in order to unlock the door by releasing the deadbolt.

Why Switch To A Keypad Lock For Your Home?

There are many benefits that come with installing a keypad instead of continuing to rely on a traditional cylinder lock, including:

  • Increased convenience due to the elimination of keys that can otherwise be lost, copied, or broken. Children and staff–such as pool maintenance and/or cleaning staff–can use their own code to gain access when working as opposed to their own keys.
  • Higher security, thanks to their inability to be picked or bumped like normal cylinder locks. Because there is no cylinder that can be tampered with, rekeying won’t be necessary either. Instead of rekeying your lock, you can simply change the code.
  • Durability is far better on a keypad than on a cylinder lock because a keypad won’t wear with extensive use.

High Security Residential Locks

Your home is where you welcome friends and make beautiful, lifelong memories with your family. It is a space that is deeply personal to you, which is why our Houston residential locksmith also offers high security residential lock solutions. These higher security solutions can essentially make your house locks tamper-resistant.


Pick-Proof Locks

Conventional cylinder locks found in most homes can be easily picked by someone with even a little bit of training in lock-picking. Sleep easy without the worry that someone can break in at any moment by upgrading to pick-proof locks. 

Key Restriction

By being proactive and taking key restriction measures, your home’s locks and keys are unique to your home and, therefore, protected and patented by the manufacturer, which means no one can buy your same exact key at a big box store. Manufacturers give our licensed and bonded Houston residential locksmith legal permission to install these systems throughout your home for you so no one you haven’t authorized can make their way into your home life.