Your company likely has important, confidential documents and other assets that must be secured inside your property. We understand the need for a designated space in which you can store these kinds of materials without the looming worry that their security will be compromised. Our licensed Houston commercial locksmith offers commercial-grade warehouse locks, secure filing cabinets, and multiple office lock and key solutions.

Warehouse Security

Warehouses may be your primary method or protecting the interior of your commercial property, so you not only need commercial-grade warehouses that are built to last and protect what’s inside, but you also need additional safety measures to reinforce your warehouse. To secure your warehouse building, our Houston locksmith offers different types of locks:

  • Padlocks
    • Our Houston commercial locksmith recommends installing padlocks along the perimeter of your warehouse, but this isn’t the only method of interior security you should consider. Warehouse padlocks work best when combined with other types of commercial-grade locks.
  • Deadbolts
    • Deadbolts should certainly be utilized in your interior locking system. Deadbolts can withstand excessive force, making them the best locking method in your Houston warehouse. Paired with padlocks, criminals will have a hard time breaking into your commercial property.
  • Door Handles
    • Door handles should also be upgraded to have a secure, built-in lock. When also incorporated into your Houston commercial property’s interior security system, they serve as yet another obstacle unauthorized visitors have to get past.

Filing Cabinet and Office Key Solutions

When it comes to enforcing security throughout your Houston office building, filing cabinets and office keys tend to come to mind. They are the easiest way to keep important, confidential information in your hands and out of someone else’s. They also keep your property private and exclusive to your team. Their ease of use and installation doesn’t mean that quality is compromised. 

If your offices and/or filing cabinets have worn locks, or if you lost your keys, the security of your information is compromised. However, our commercial locksmith in Houston offers rekeying services. Rekeying replaces the lock pins and the corresponding keys. By rekeying, we can also build a master key system for maximum security and convenience if you wish to incorporate that into your commercial interior security system.