Precision locking bolts fit tighter and reinforce the perimeter.

The rugged steel pieces that move behind the door frame to actually hold the safe door locked and closed. Bigger bolts, and more of them, provide greater security.

This is a feature every gun safe maker touts. But are there differences? Yes there are. And you should know them before you purchase.

Browning ProSteel has engineered our safe designs to create a highly reinforced door frame around the entire perimeter of the door. The locking bolts themselves move in behind this reinforced edge to resist pry attacks. Plus, we provide a high level of precision for the bolt and the bolt exit holes as the are activated. You can see in the video below how eliminating sloppiness eliminates an easy place for a pry bar to get leverage. This frustrates burglars as they are unable to to get access for prying. And even if they did, our exceptional "U-Shaped" reinforced door frame further impedes any prying progress.

This is not a "feel good" feature but a demonstrable engineering advantage that offers you greater peace of mind for years to come.