Light Package


Shed some light on the interior of your safe.

LED Interior Light Package -- Installing LED lighting around the door frame adds value and makes locating items in the safe easier. With the Browning lighting package, a pressure sensor turns on the lights when the door is opened. If you don't have this lighting installed in your current safe you probably have cursed this problem a thousand times. Curse no more. 

  The interior light package includes two light modules to illuminate the safe interior. Lights are an obvious advantage especially illuminating the normally dark reaches of your safe. It is one of the best convenience features you can have in your Browning ProSteel safe. And it is easy to include it in your new safe configuration or to add it to your existing Browning ProSteel gun safe. 

Unlike most Browning ProSteel features, the LED lighting package will not make your safe more resistant to attack, but it will make it easier than ever to find your guns and gear faster -- not to mention how much easier it is to find a gun near the back of the safe and safely lift it up and out so you can use it. Very nice and very easy.