Axis Adjustable Shelving

Patented adjustable shelving creates unmatched convenience and storage solutions.
When it comes to maximizing safe interior storage, Browning ProSteel safes lead the industry with unmatched versatility. The exclusive Axis Adjustable Shelving (U.S. Patent #D662341) is a completely customizable system with an array of shelves that can be configured to meet virtually every need. Unlike shelves in the competitions’ safes that are either fixed in position or only offer vertical adjustment, Axis shelves can be adjusted up and down, side to side, added and removed to accommodate items over a broad range of sizes.

To maximize storage and improve organization, a variety of specialized accessories are available for Browning ProSteel safes with Axis Adjustable Shelving and now CMS Adjustable Shelving. All Axis accessories shown are compatible with safes built in 2018 and newer that feature CMS Adjustable Shelving and are greater than 20 cubic feet in size.

Several different shelves and options are available to further customize the interior to meet your individual needs. The Axis shelf is made from a single piece of sturdy steel. Shelves are clad in a soft, protective polymer coating that is highly durable and designed to protect guns and valuables. It also adds a sleek appearance to the safe interior. Axis accessories are designed to easily mount to the solid steel shelf or barrel rack.


Axis Shelf

Made from tough steel with a protective polymer skin that protects your valuables.

Drawer with Jewelry Insert

Organizes valuables such as watches, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

High Capacity Barrel Rack

Make room for more long guns with this High Capacity Barrel Rack.  

File Box

Keep important and valuable documents in this easy to access File Box.

Scoped Pistol Rack

With a deeper drop and heavy-gauge rods, handguns with optics are easier to store.

Axis Drawer

The sturdy drawer is perfect for all sorts of goods that need to be separated.

Drawer with Multipurpose Insert

Keep jewelry and other small items organized, protected and easy to find.

Barrel Rack

The Barrel Rack holds up to 11 guns securely in place.

Vertical File Holder

This file holder makes it easier to locate and organize important documents

Bow Hanger

Lock up and protect expensive archery equipment while taking up minimal space.

Drawer with Foam Insert

Pick and pluck foam is easily customized to fit nearly any item.

Drawer with Money Insert

Compartments are sized to organize cash, passports and other documentation.

Pistol Shelf

Holds up to 12 handguns or long guns. Soft surface protects guns from damage.

Pistol Rack

With a five handgun capacity, the Pistol Rack stores pistols under the shelf.

Deep Drawer

Deep Drawer

The Deep Drawer is the perfect home for larger or oddly shaped items.