More door sides with locking bolts is better.

Better safes have locking bolts extending from all four sides of the door for extra resistance to pry attack. Safes with bolts on three sides have them on both sides of the door and on the top edge. Four sides is best, but sides and top still offers significant strength advantages.

Burglars are always looking for areas of lesser reinforcement to attack. Most are not really up on the engineering of gun safes so they often think that there will be weaknesses on a safe such as the top of the door frame. Not so with Browning ProSteel safes with bolts extending from all four sides. On our safes with bolts on all sides of the door, this makes the top and bottom as secure as the two sides of a safe door. Even our designs with three side protection, reinforces the three most critical sides of the safe door by putting bolts on both sides and the top.

This design will frustrate the ordinary burglar. While there is disappointment is his future, there is peace of mind in yours. This is not a "feel good" feature. Our three and four sides Bolt direction design offers real protection for your gear.