Body Thickness

The thickness of the steel that comprises the safe body. A smaller gauge number means thicker steel, which provides more security than thinner steel. The thickest safe body on Browning ProSteel safes is 3/16" (on Platinum Plus and Pinnacle Series) and this specification is not shown in gauge measurement.

Steel Thickness

Thicker steel means more protection from any type of criminal attack and from fire.

  • Best – 3⁄16" Steel — Equivalent to about 6.5 gauge, 0.1875" thick.
  • Better – 10 gauge — 0.135" thick.
  • Good – 12 gauge — 0.105" thick.

Door Thickness

A thicker, more rigid door is better able to resist pry attacks. A door formed from multiple pieces of steel is more rigid because strategic bends in the metal add strength. A formed door also includes fire insulation, and therefore provides more fire protection.

  • Best – Duo-Formed® Door — 1 5⁄16" thick door face.Full steel interior panel.
  • Better – 1" Formed Door — 1" thick door face. Steel reinforcement panels.
  • Good – Plate Door — 3⁄16" thick solid steel door face.