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Brand: Hollon

Series: HS

Models: HS-610E, HS-750E, HS-880E, HS-1000E, HS-1200E, HS-1400E, HS-1600E, HS-1750E


Hollon Office Safes provide the ultimate protection. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship to provide the best protection of your documents and valuables against the threat of fire and burglary. Just look at these features:

  • Rated for 2 full hours at 1700° F outside, these safes refused to heat up past 350° F on the inside.
  • Survived the KSG 30-foot impact test that simulates falling from a collapsing second story onto concrete.
  • Bolt-down hole and hardware are included to add burglary resistance to the already heavy-duty bolt work.