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Brand: Hollon

Series: Black Hawk

Models: BHS-45, BHS-22, BHS-12

  • Standard with a fire resistant 3 plug outlet which also has 2 USB inputs
  • 60 min Fire Rating
  • Smokey Chrome 5 Spoke Handle
  • UL Listed Group I High Security Securam Electronic Lock
  • Drill/Ballistic Resistant Hard Plate
  • 1.5 inch Chrome Bolts (BHS-12 only has space for 10)
  • Extra Space for Extra Long Rifles
  • Deluxe Corded Trim shelving
  • Deluxe foam backed cushioned lined interior
  • Top shelf is reinforced with steel for extra heavy loads
  • Pocket Door Organizer
  • External hinge that allows full access to interior
  • Intumescent door seal that swells to seal the door when exposed to fire and heat
  • Available Options include Dehumidifier, Lighting Kit, and Hollon Black Velvet Jewelry Drawer.

Brand: Hollon

Series: Republic

Models: RG-12C, USA RG-22C, RG-39C, RG-42C

Available Colors: Charcoal, Black, White, Midnight Blue, Camo Green

Hardware: Chrome or Black Platinum


Introducing the New Republic Gun Safe series. Now “Made in the USA”. Compare our top-of-the-line Republic Gun Safe Series with comparable products sold by our competitors – and you’re in for a big surprise. Our Gun Safes are reinforced with 300% thicker steel than other leading brands. It’s like keeping guns inside a Sherman tank.

The Republic is UL (RSC) Rated and comes standard with a pocket door organizer. With a 3-gauge door and 8-gauge body you can’t beat the quality or the price. 90 minute Fire Rated at temperatures of up to 1400° F degrees external and 350° F internal.

Also included is our UL listed Group II High Usage Hollon Dial Lock … made with only the finest materials. In fact, the amount of usage you get from this lock exceeds the usage you’d get from average Group II dial locks by more than 300%.

Brand: Hollon

Series: Pistol Safes

Models: PB10


High-tech safety for your handguns. Protect yourself with this Pistol Safe … offering a biometric fingerprint lock. Designed to fit conveniently in a drawer or mount under a bed. Perfect for a pistol … but also for jewelry, cash, or documents. And if you use your guns for home protection, you’ll be glad to know these safes are engineered for quick access in emergencies.

Brand: Hollon

Series: TL Rated

Models: TL-15


This is one of the only TL-15 rated GUN Safes on the market. This is a TL-15 Gun Safe that thinks it’s a TL-30. Not only does it have similar features, it has far exceeded every TL-15 test we’ve put it through. And that’s some testing.

This TL-15 Gun Safe withstands the most sophisticated burglar attacks. Our team of experts has punished this baby with everything short of dynamite. They’ve gone at it with sledgehammers, pickaxes, crowbars and pry bars, power saws, chisels, drills and rotating disc cutters … with no luck.

As if that’s not enough, this offers added protection against high-intensity fires. That’s right … this TL-15 Gun Safe has passed a factory rating 2 Hour Fire Test Certification maintaining an internal temperature of 350° F while the external temperature reaches up to 1750° F. We’re talking forest fire strength.

Brand: American Security

Series: BF

Models: BF7250HD, BF7250, BF724OHD, BF7240, BF6636HD, BF6636, BF6032HD, BF6032, BF6030HD, BF6030, BF6030, BF6024HD, BF6024


The standard BF Gun Safe has a 2" total wall thickness on all sides featuring our poured DryLight insulation and two layers of steel for exceptional fire and security protection. BF safes have an outer steel thickness of 11ga and inner steel of 16ga for a total steel thickness of 7ga. BFHD series has an outer steel thickness of 11ga and inner steel thickness of 4ga for a total steel thickness of 3/8"