I was just getting ready to leave for work. I had thrown my bag with my keys in the car, when I remembered that I had forgotten my lunch in the house. Can you see where this is going? I got to my house door, and oh, would you look at that? I left the house keys in the car. I went back to the car, and naturally, the door automatically locked.

If I was late to work again, I just knew I was going to get fired. Fortunately, I had kept my cell phone in my pocket, and my mother had raised a paranoid, over-prepared worrier. I knew that each year there are more than 2 million house break-ins in the United States. Also, in July of 2013 alone there was an increase in the number of calls to AAA from people who had been locked out of their cars. I had the number for the local locksmith in my cell phone directory. Just in case.

I had made sure that when I was searching for locksmiths for my speed dial, I picked a 24 hour locksmith, or an emergency locksmith. Knowing my luck I was going to get locked out of something at a very inconvenient time. Today you could say I was lucky, if getting locked out of your house and your car at 9 am as opposed to 2 am is lucky. I also picked out this particular locksmith because his family had been in the business for decades. The current generation’s owner was named Harry, after Harry Houdini who was unsurprisingly a locksmith prior to his magic career.

I had read up on locksmiths a great deal before giving one the honored place of being on my speed dial. It turns out they are really way more specialized than I had ever thought, and at the same time, able to handle a lot of different skills. Mechanics, machinery, security and carpentry are all important skills for understanding and handling keys and locks and even deadbolts.

I knew I had picked the right guy for the job when Harry arrived in no time at all, got open my car so I could get into my house, get my lunch, and speed off to work. Would you believe that I made it in time? I got to keep my job another day. Sometimes it pays to be a little bit over-prepared, so for obvious reasons I recommend that you always keep your local locksmiths on speed dial.