News flash, did you know that 90 percent of the cars on the road today have a transponder chip inside the head of the keys that start your car! A transponder is a chip that communicates with the cars computer in order to tell the car the correct key is being inserted and the car will start. Soon 100 percent of the cars on the road will have chip keys! Car dealerships use this as a security feature to minimize theft, sounds great, Right! Until you loose your spare and you are only down to one key and then your in trouble! Going to the dealership can be very expensive, dealerships will charge anywhere from 125.00 and up to sometimes 800.00 dollars depending on the type of car you are driving. WOW! I know seems crazy. So, you ask what is the solution? Check out your local Locksmith that has a brick and mortar store front. Most Lock shops can make you an extra key for your car in a matter of minutes for around 75.00 dollars. Going to a Locksmith is always a sure way to solve any key issue you have ecspecialy replacing or getting another spare for any vehicle. It will save time and alot of money!!