Emergency locksmiths are an easy choice — you’re locked out of your house or your car, you give them a call, badda boom, you’re in. But locksmiths don’t just sit around waiting for emergency calls, and you can (and should) utilize their services in a variety of situations. Here is just a small sampling of the times when you should use locksmith services to replace your locks, and save you a big headache down the line.

When You Don’t Know (or Like) Who Has a Key to Your House
If you’ve moved into a new house that has had any number of previous owners (or even just one), it’s in your best interest to have the locks changed. There’s simply no way to know for sure how many copies of your house key are floating around out there. And then there are the times when you do know how many copies of your key are out there — and you don’t like who has them. Particularly bad breakups can be a great reason to refresh your door locks and deadbolts. Trust me.

If Your Locks Are Hard to Open
As counterintuitive as it may sound, if you find it harder to unlock your locks with the key, they’re actually easier for intruders to pick. Over time, the tiny brass pins inside your lock’s cylinder can wear down with with use, making it harder to line them up properly with your key. But that wear and tear actually provides more wiggle room inside the cylinder for a thief with even basic lockpicking tools. New locks have tighter tolerances, as well as some built-in countermeasures against picking (such as “spool pins”).
Honestly, you don’t need a specific reason to think your locks need replacing. If you have a vague sense of unease or lack of confidence in your locks, have them replaced. Security isn’t just about actively keeping people out of your home — it’s also about feeling relaxed and comfortable and confident that your home is safe. Your house is where you go to feel safe and secure, and if your locks don’t provide that feeling, whether or not you can put your finger on why, then you need to replace them.

Even if you feel safe with the setup you have now, it’s always a good idea to setup a consultation once or twice a year. One of the more underutilized locksmith services is the appraisal, where a professional locksmith simply comes by and checks your locks. Even if your security is in tip-top shape, your local locksmith is current on all the latest news in the world of locks, and might know of a threat that you might never have even considered. Call today to take advantage of your local locksmith services… and put a lock on your peace of mind.