There is a home broken into every 13 seconds! That is a lot of burglaries a day. here at A2Z Houston Locksmith we have come up with a list of reasons to re-key your house rather you have been there a while or are just moving in. We have based this list on 18 years of experience in the residential and commercial locksmith industry.

1. You have just purchased a home or signed a lease and you don’t know who has keys

2.There have been any break ins in your neighborhood or surrounding areas

3.If you have had your Identity stolen or your purse or wallet taken at any time.

4. You have misplaced or been without your keys for more than 24 hour period .

5.If you have had any contractors in your home, as soon as they are finished have your house re-keyed

6.Locks need maintenance. If your locks are hard to turn or not fully engaging you could be at risk of an easy break in.

7. The unfortunate reason….. You are going through a separation or a divorce.

8. If you have given keys to a neighbor while you were out-of-town. You may trust them but you have no way of knowing where you keys have been.

9. If you give your children keys, it is a good idea to re-key your locks every year.

10. You have more than one key that works your home. having one key that fits all makes life so much easier.

There may be more reasons to re-key your home. These are some of the most common.