You may think house safes are only good for protecting your valuables from would-be thieves and intruders. And you’d have some serious data to back up that claim — in the United States alone, there are over two million residential break-ins every year, making it the most common security risk to American families, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
And while residential safes (like wall safes and money safes) can, to a certain extent, protect your valuables from intruders, a determined thief with the right tools will get around whatever obstacles you put in his path. But there are other dangers in your home that have nothing to do with burglars or break-ins.

A home fire can cost you much, much more than just the cost of your belongings. It can destroy precious, irreplaceable, priceless memories. It can destroy documentation you will need throughout your life (birth certificates, wedding certificates, death certificates, passports, etc.). And it can destroy any hard currency you store in your home (not just paper money and bonds, but coins as well, especially softer metals such as gold).

A fire proof safe can protect the things you need from the thing you least expect. You can live in the safest neighborhood in the country, you can have all the latest models of locks and electronic security systems, you can even have a locksmith come by twice a year to make sure everything is in fine working order… but no one can be 100% protected from an accidental house fire.

Fire proof safes provide you with valuable peace of mind that your important documents and family heirlooms are safe from a devastating house fire, but there’s another important mental advantage to having a fire proof safe. If you find yourself in the middle of a house fire, your first thought will be to make sure your family is safely outside. But as your home is destroyed, you may think about saving your valuables as well — unless those valuables are in a fire proof safe. Then any concern for its contents won’t even enter your mind, not even fleetingly, giving you peace of mind when you absolutely need it most.