As a master safe technician I frequently get the question, “wich is more secure a dial or keypad?”. There are alot of things to consider in this before I give you my expert opinion. when you are looking at safe make sure that you are shopping at a dedicated safe and vault store, and not a big box store or sporting good store. These stores are selling safes but not a safe that has been put through the rigorous testing that brands like Republic and American Security have. So, having said that, back to our question. The safe dial has been around since the 1800′s it has a great track record. electronic lock have been around for several decades but no quite as long. There is not a security difference between the two, as the security lies in the bolt and its surrounding and both the dial and keypad locks are just as strong as the other. The difference between the two are convience of opening your safe and rather or not you want to deal with changing a battery once or twice a year? At A2Z Houston Locksmith we are old fashion and like to see a good-looking safe dial on a safe!! Although a lot of our safe customers prefer the electronic over the dial. It really boils down to personal prefrence, both are a great for your safe. Just make sure you are working with trained and licensed safe persons.