Hello all, Rekeying your home should be on your top 10 things to do when moving in to a new home. Realtors, contractors,cleaning crews, and neighbors could all of a copy of a key to your home and you may noy even think about it! Calling your local locksmith provides peice of mind that you and your family will be the only people with keys to your home. We receive alot of call with the question should I rekey my locks or just replace them? Rekeying the existing locks on your home will save you some well earned dollars. A typical house with 3 doors will run under a $100.00 dollars and in some cases it might run a little more depending on the number of locks you have on each door. Hiring a good locksmith also will give you the benifit of all your locks being serviced in the process of the rekey, They should adjust any hard to turn locks or misalignment of latches and door strikes. This is good for your home and your security. Keep in mind that if you go to the hardware store and purchase new locks , They will still have to be rekeyed to match, otherwise you will hgave multiple keys to your home. So in short when you move bring the locksmith with you to get you all fixed and secure!