Locking your front door and making sure all your windows are secure is only going to get you so far. If a thief wants to break into your home and steal your TV, they’re going to do it. You can’t very well lock up your plasma screen.

But you can also replace a plasma screen.

The FBI reports that home break-ins are the most common risk to the security of the typical American family. In fact, an American home is broken into every 13 seconds. Take a moment and think about that. Now take a moment and think about all the things in your home that you can’t replace: old family photo negatives, priceless heirlooms, baby mementos, etc. Or the things that could wreak havoc in your life if they fell into nefarious hands: bank numbers on checks, Social Security information, etc.

Now think about how much better you’d sleep knowing those irreplaceable objects were secure in a wall safe.

Residential safes provide an enormous amount of in-home security, even in the event of a break-in. Safe-cracking master-thieves are the stuff of Hollywood — your average home intruder will not have the first clue how to get into even the simplest of residential safes, and will simply pass them by in favor of easier targets. Locksmith services sell a variety of safes for a wide range of applications, from large antiques to loose diamonds.

While residential safes are perfect for documents and valuables, they can also serve as practical handgun safes. They’re heavy enough that a thief wouldn’t want to lug them out of the house, and thick enough that a quick drill is out of the question. Simply put, a home safe is the easiest way to secure the things you need secured. For the rest, make sure your homeowners’ insurance is paid, and remember to lock your doors and windows.