Finally a awesome alternative to the keychain. A Las Vegas based company has come up with the Keyport. This is the best alternative for the big dangling, clanky keychains that we all carry around all day. With the Keyport no more big keychains bulging out of your pocket or getting lost in the purse. The key port holds up to 6 keys of any kind and is small , light and easy to carry. They also have great accesories from flash drives to flashlights. The keyport is durable and sexy! You can check it out at this will give you all the information you need. I have seen alot of cool things in my 15 years of lock and safe work, and i have to say the keyport is at the top of the list. Also if your in the houston area A2Z Houston Locksmith LLC. is an authorized keyport dealer. They are located at 17346 northwest freeway Houston, TX 77040. PH is 713 842-0945.