Hello all, Neil Brunskill here at A2Z Houston Locksmith LLC. Today we are talking about an issue that is extremely important to our customers and the public as a whole. When something happens with your security of your home, office, or automobile it is always a crucial event. Locksmiths are the key holders, the solution. A Locksmiths responsibility far exceeds that of most service techs. This is because we can open any lock, make keys to anything, and basically hold the keys to most everything. As a Locksmith we have a moral and ethical committment to our clients. because of this we undergo extensive background checks, drug testing, and continued education as well as state requirements That are checked by agencies of our industry. With all this being said, there are people posing as locksmiths that are the furthest thing from being a just that! When searching for a locksmith please do not go with the cheapest, we are talking about your security and peace of mind! The company you are calling should have all License numbers by the state visible on their ads. Stay away from 1800 numbers these numbers are most likely being redirected out-of-state and dispatched to a person that is posing as a locksmith and will overcharge you for poor quality work. Remember legitimate locksmith companies pride themselves with customer service and craftmanship, so you should feel comfortable and safe with the Locksmith that you are hiring. Make sure that the locksmith has a company logo on his clothing and that they are driving a marked vehicle. Do not hesitate to ask who will be coming out, what they drive and are they licensed. A legal Locksmith will be glad to show you his or her credentials. The public is being lied to and overcharged for poor service and drastic lack of knowledge, This is completely unacceptable for the public. I have been a Lock and safe cracker for 15 years and I pride myself in what I do and every customer that I do work for is the most important asset of my business. I have attached a report done by local news in Dallas that is very informative. http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2013/02/14/do-you-know-who-is-unlocking-your-door-part-two/

So please make sure your Locksmith is Licensed bonded and insured, and that they have a good foundation.