Losing keys is a common irritating occurrence and something that just about everyone has to deal with at one time or another. In fact, in the United States, more than 20 million home and car keys are lost every year. When that happens to you, thinking you’re crazy and muttering something about “losing your mind” might be the best way to cope. However, you may find a bit of comfort in the fact that the average person actually loses something nine times every day and spends around 150 days in their life looking for stuff that they have misplaced.

Even Good People Break and Enter…

…Especially when they have locked themselves out of their apartment or house. Of course, calling a locksmith for either a new key or to pick a lock might be the easiest way to get back into your home, but sometimes, finding a window you can push open or screen you can break is the fastest. Whether it’s cold and storming and you would kill for a cup of hot chocolate or you’re just tired after a long day out in the sun, getting stuck out of your home is a serious hassle.

Vroom Vroom! Not so Fast

There are few things more annoying than having to get to work or school, rushing out the door, and finding that your keys are nowhere to be seen. After cell phones and home keys, people lose car keys more than any other item. Fortunately, more than a quarter of people are able to find them in the ignition, literally right where they left them, but who knows where else they could pop up. Strangely enough, the sixth most popular place for people to find their keys is in the fridge, giving a whole new meaning to “cool” cars.

“Did ya check your pockets?”

Though it might be said sarcastically with a bit of a chuckle, the reality is that looking in your pants’ pockets is the first thing you should do when you can’t find your keys, since that is the place they are most commonly found. Patting them down and even pulling them inside out might be something that you see most commonly in funny movies or cartoons, but doing so is probably the smartest first place to look. No matter how much of a rush you might be in, simply checking your pockets, before letting panic set in, is a smart – albeit silly – decision.

You never know where your keys might pop up, or if you will find them at all when they are lost. You might get lucky enough to find them under a couch cushion, like some 60% of other Americans and they might be gone forever. If you can’t find them after a thorough search, contacting a skilled and experienced locksmith (and being sure not to lose them again!) might be the only way to get back indoors or on the road quickly.