Hello all Neil Brunskill here, your safe and lock specialist. Technology is fast-moving in the lock and security world. Home owners are now controlling and tracking the access to their homes from there laptop, iPad, and iPhones. A long-standing pillar of the lock industry, Schlage has some really nice options for automated security for you home. The Schlage BE 369 dead bolt or lever allows for the home owner to see who is going in and out of the home as well as lock out and allow access to people they want or don’t want in and out of the home. I have installed several of these in th Houston area and am very pleased with the product. What I like most about the lock in being a locksmith is the Grade 1 construction of the lock and the fact that it is also bump proof as well. The link has a 128 bit encryption and can only be accessed by user name and password. So yes it does work through the internet! The security that the interface is equipped with is the same security used in online banking. In my opinion if you are looking for a way to simplify your life and gain some security feature around your home I would say that this is a must have. Call your local Locksmith for a professional installation and set up of any lock or safe product.