Hello all, we are talking about what is important when buying a safe. Alot of our customers are very concerned about fire rating when they are shopping for a safe. We also or interested in fire rating, but on the otherhand what we feel is the most important in a safe is security how strong is the safe that you are putting your valubales in! here are some interesting reports that you should know. 1.NFPA (national fire protection agency) estimates that U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 371,700 home structure fires per year. 2.reports by the FBI, there are approximately 2,222,196 burglaries that occur annually in the United States! that is basically 6,000 homes per day. this is why when shopping for a safe we feel like the concern needs to be the security, gauge of steel, door composite, diameter as well as quantity of locking bolts. Most top manufactures of home safes, fire burglary safes, and gun safes ( Hollon, American Security, and Baron) offer a great fire rating as a given in the safe, this is usually a 1-2 hour fire protection up to 1,350 degrees. What we stress to our clients at A2Z Houston Locksmith LLC. is, what are you putting in the safe versus what kind of protection are you comfortable with to keep those items safe from burglary and fire. We also recommend buying a safe from your local Lock and safe company. Please do not get caught up in buying something less secure because of price. Remember a safe should be a one time investment to protect your valubales for a lifetime! a good rule of thumb is spend 10-20% on the amount of your valubales.