We have long since been in the digital age. so the question presents itself what would my business look like if we were to implement access control into our facility?access control is the use of electronic lock application and electronic credentials to access your facility and manage employee and staff. With access control there are no longer needs for mechanical keys and facilities to lock and unlock doors on a daily basis. the use of credential or iso cards as we call them allow management to lock down, track, and manage the security of your doors in real-time. Turnover can also be costly in the corporate arena. in the event that you would have to let an employee go you could immediately deactivate that employee from entering your building. No more reason to call a locksmith out to rekey. We at A2Z Houston Locksmith and Texas Safe and Secure believe in Paxton access control systems and have had our clients report that employees feel safer and also work more efficiently behind access control systems. access control is also great for restricted areas or doctors offices as well. Locksmiths are the ones to call for integration and set up of access control.