Last July, a 34-year-old Cleveland man did what most other drivers do when they lock their keys in the car. He simply pulled out his phone and called the police. The officer who arrived on the scene did his job and used the tools he had to quickly open the door. What he wasn’t counting on was being “immediately overwhelmed by the odor of raw marijuana,” as noted on

A search that took place right after turned up $426 of cash and 37 separate packages of suspected marijuana. The man who accidentally brought attention to his own crime was arrested and charged with a fourth-degree felony.

While chances are you aren’t going to end up getting yourself taken to prison if you call the cops when you lock your keys in the car, the police are not your only option. Instead, you might want to consider calling an auto locksmith. They’ll be able to pop the lock and let you in. Reliable local locksmiths might have some questions about the type of car you drive, and where it is parked, but they certainly won’t probe.

Of course, they are a better option than calling the police not just because they won’t uncover any crimes you’ve committed, but because they are often faster. In some lazy towns, the police might not have a whole lot to do and will be able to open a locked car quickly. However, in busy cities, helping drivers with those kinds of problems are really low on police priority lists, if they are on there at all. Dependable auto locksmiths can generally get to stranded drivers quickly and won’t make them wait around. As an added bonus, many emergency locksmiths offer 24 hour emergency service, which is important since keys don’t only get locked in cars during business hours.

Preventing yourself from getting into legal trouble shouldn’t be the reason you call an auto locksmith. Instead, the priority should be getting your keys free and getting back on the road quickly without having to resort to drastic measures like breaking a window. If you’re in a pinch, calling the police is an OK option, but emergency locksmiths are probably a better choice.