Your local Locksmith is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to security! I have been in the safe and Lock business for over 15 years and Have seen it all. As a Locksmith and safe cracker we know how people are breaking in or how they are able to get your keys and violate your homes and businesses. Having said that we also are the experts on how to protect you from getting ripped off! Your local Locksmith is your key source of protection and key manageability from installing a gun safe in your home or a nice cash management safe in your business to keep you safe. We also are the know-it-all in High security locks for your home and business, Medeco is the top os the security food chain in our my opinion with key restriction drill, pick, and pry resistance second to none Medeco will keep them out. Safes and High security locks, or master-key systems as well as access control give you the flexibility to know who is coming and going as well as the peace of mind that your property is secure. I say, If you are wanting to beef up your security and add managed key control and keep them out then do your research and hire a good lock and safe company to come and walk your home or business and give you a security assessment. We do it for our clients all the time here at A2Z Houston Locksmith LLC. and we have happy and secure customers for life. Just remember the locksmith doesnt just unlock your car he dreams about keeping you safe and secure! talk to y’all next time.